Technical area


Your apprenticeship in the technical area

The classic training is organised according to the dual system, which means that the theoretical instruction takes place in the vocational school and the practical training takes place at the production site of Vosseler.

In our training workshop, you will gain practical experience within the scope of the basic training. Afterwards, you will acquire particular skills in the specialist departments. The in-house training deepens the knowledge gained during the practical training.

Besides the technical expertise your skills include creativity, pleasure in communicating and a good social behaviour, you are a good team player and you have the ability to work independently. Vosseler promotes these qualities through targeted trainings and project works.

Industrial mechanic

As an industrial mechanic, you manufacture tools and forms. You get acquainted with the functionalities of the machinery and learn how to repair and maintain them. At Vosseler, you have an innovative machinery with our wide range of production facilities at your disposal.

We manufacture tools with minimum tolerances by means of our cutting-edge computer-controlled equipment. This requires precise and concentrated work and a good planning of work flow.

Machine and equipment operator

As a machine and equipment operator, you are responsible for the set-up, programming and operation of the machinery and equipment at Vosseler. You prepare and carry out the retooling, monitor the production process, control the material flow and ensure smooth operations and thus a high quality of the products we produce.

In your capacity as machine and equipment operator, you will carry out the necessary inspections in order to guarantee an error-free functioning and a high level of availability of our production facilities .

Technical product designer

Specialisation machinery and plant design

Technical product designers with specialisation in machinery and plant design convert ideas into technical drawings. They support design engineers in product and process development and put their specifications into plans and technical documentations.

On our modern CAD work stations, you will create technical drawings of our products, tools, single parts and subassemblies. You implement new ideas and changes to our production facilities from a construction and drawing standpoint.

Your contact person for Aldingen

Cornelia Beck

Human resources

Tel. 07424/881-32

Your contact person for Hildburghausen

Tel. 03685-79-51-56

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