From the idea to the product


From idea to product

Vosseler is mainly producing ready-to-install cold and hot formed parts. Our modern production processes make us one of the leaders in the industry. The secret of success of Vosseler is the systematic focus on customer needs combined with the longstanding competence in the field of development and consultancy.

Our team possesses comprehensive experience, in particular in all areas of cold and hot forming and in the development and production of special parts. From idea to product means that Vosseler can offer you the best solution in terms of technological and economical efficiency!

Leading companies in the automotive field, system suppliers and producers of hydraulic components are committed customers of Vosseler. Given the global competition, they rely on our proven reliability and quality.

All companies of the Vosseler Group are perfectly connected via our PPS system and can thus guarantee a comprehensive customer service in line with an outstanding price/performance ratio. Your big advantage: You have only one contact person who has the manifold technological possibilities of a whole company group to offer.

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