Cold/Hot forming


Cold/Hot forming

The pressing plant constitutes the heart of our production. We possess 19 form presses with horizontal transportation and a nominal pressing force of 700 kN to 5.500 kN.

These installations can produce parts up to an outer diameter of 65 mm or a width across flats of 46 mm respectively with a rate of production of up to 250 parts per minute.

Wire with a diameter between 6 mm and 36 mm is processed.

The deployed cold forming presses dispose of up to six forming stations for the production of complex and highly demanding forming parts.

We process unalloyed cold heading steels and cold extruded steels (C4C, C8C, …), case-hardening steels (16MnCr5, 23B4, …), tempering steels (C35, C45, …) as well as certain aluminium alloys which are suitable for cold extrusion (EN AW-6082).

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