Quality from the very beginning!

Massive forming has manifold advantages. The outcome are precision components with excellent product properties as for example high strength and an ideal and uninterrupted fibre course with lowest energy consumption and the best possible utilisation of the material used.

Our forming machines achieve quantities of up to 250 parts per minute, which allows for extremely short production times. Steel and aluminium of various alloy versions are processed.

The massive forming makes it possible to produce parts with strongly varying wall thickness, large differences in diameter and asymmetric geometries in a cost-efficient manner and large-scale production.

Thanks to the finishing work, possible assembly work and the following heat treatment and surface refinement, if required, Vosseler can furnish you with high-quality parts and subassemblies for your individual applications from one source.



The customers of Vosseler are global leaders in their businesses and system suppliers. Popular brands rely on our proven quality and adherence to delivery dates!

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