Milestones – The chronicles of Vosseler

:: 1948

Gotthold and Heinz Vosseler found the company Vosseler in Aldingen/Baden-Württemberg with the main business purpose of manufacturing machined nuts on automatic lathes. In 1955, they acquire the first HATEBUR single stroke press, allowing for the production of cold formed nuts.

:: 1962

Launch of the first transversal feeding press of the company NATIONAL for cold formed pressed parts.

:: 1966

Beginning of the production of union nuts according to DIN3870 at Vosseler.

:: 1969

Vosseler founds the VHW pressing plant for warm formed parts with a shareholding of 50 % to expand the product portfolio.

:: 1970s and 1980s

The company acquires several transversal feeding presses for the production of formed parts and union nuts, followed by big investments in finishing machines in order to be able to supply ready-to-install solid forged components to our customers.

:: 1990

The company invests in several HATEBUR presses for the production of complex extruded parts.

:: 1992

With the aim of creating further production capacities, VOSSELER establishes the VOSSELER Umformtechnik GmbH in Hildburghausen/Thuringia.

:: 1996

At the company site in Aldingen, the company VOSSELER Presswerkzeuge GmbH, formerly WZT, was found.

:: 2000 to present

More investments in forming machines, end finishing machines, a washer system and in automation followed.
Today, the Vosseler-group, comprising the VOSSELER GmbH and VOSSELER Presswerkzeuge GmbH in Aldingen/Baden-Württemberg and the VOSSELER Umformtechnik GmbH in Hildburghausen, is an innovative medium-sized company with more than 220 employees.
We are able to quickly respond to individual customer requests owing to our modern machinery inventory, and we are at your disposal as a competent development partner.

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